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HUM's latest gummy offering is a by-the-books immunity gummy (Elderberry, Vit C + Zinc) that comes in a delicious raspberry flavor


While this wasn't the most innovative ingredient roster out there in a saturated immunity gummy field, HUM is one of our most trusted brands and we love that this is vegan.


It's hard to go wrong with this trifecta: Elderberry, Vitamin C and Zinc are veterans of the immunity game. We do wish it contained more Zinc though. At 5 mg, it's only 45% of our DV.


There are lots of raspberry gummies out there, but none this juicy and ripe. This might be HUM's best flavor foray yet.

Bang For Buck

This is a quality product and about the same as the very similar Flo GTFO, but you can find similar immunity gummies like Megafood (also vegan!) for a little less.

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As we’ve mentioned many times over, Hum’s Hair Sweet Hair is the gummy that launched the Gummy Galaxy. We are in awe of how it’s changed our hair (and life!) for the better, so we’re always excited to see what HUM has up its sleeve for us, particularly when it comes to their gummies.

Last time HUM announced a new gummy, it was their Calm Sweet Calm Ashwagandha gummy, and coincidentally it was announced the same week that Goli launched their Ashwa gummy.

Lo and behold, five months later, HUM and Goli bless us with new gummies in the same week once again. Goli with a new Superfruits gummy, and Hum with their Boost Sweet Boost immunity gummy.

Maybe it’s the times we’re living in, but immunity gummies are definitely in vogue these days.  A few months ago, Flo Vitamins followed up their groundbreaking PMS gummy with an immunity gummy called GTFO.

So, while we don’t consider Vitamin C or Zinc to be the most revolutionary of supplement ingredients, they must be all the rage, because the immunity gummies won’t stop coming fast & furious. Early reviewers on the HUM site appeared to love the Boost, and we couldn’t wait to get ours.

It’s funny, because while the Hum and Goli gummy announcements seem different on the face of things, Superfruits v. Immunity, both contain Vitamin C and Zinc.

But that’s where the overlaps end, and that’s good news, because otherwise we might think there was some mole in the gummy department, a la 13 Going on 30.

Although Boost Sweet Boost gummies do have the same trifecta of ingredients that GTFO has!  Vitamin C, Zinc and Elderberry.


So let’s compare:

GTFO contains 105 mg of Vitamin C, but HUM bumps it up slightly to 120 mg.  Both contain well over the 100% DV mark, so you’ll be covered either way.

GTFO contains more Zinc, clocking in at 8.5 mg (77% of the DV), where HUM delivers 5 mg (45% DV).

Now, what makes the Boost Sweet Boost stand out in our mind is the Elderberry.  Because while Elderberry is a mainstay in immunity supplements, Hum’s Elderberry is “super concentrated” elderberry extract (75:1). Which is the equivalent of 15 fresh berries in two gummies. Yum.

We love a juicy, ripe and rich Elderberry gummy around here, and are particularly fond of the Megafood Elderberry gummy. Elderberry is an antioxidant legend, and has been used for centuries as an immunity booster, inflammation tamer and stress reliever.

But this makes our side-by-side breakdown of the GTFO v. HUM a little more complicated: GTFO contains 115 mg of Elderberry extract, whereas HUM contains 50 mg, although with the “super concentrate” this is equivalent to 3.75 g of Elderberry fruit.  We’re not sure how concentrated GTFO’s Elderberry extract is, so it’s hard to directly compare these dosages.

(This isn’t the first time that FLO and HUM have gone head to head, by the way.  We’ve tried both the PMS gummy and Hum’s Moody Bird, and found the Moody Bird to be noticeably more effective. Read our full review here!)

Tasting Notes

Okay, here is where this gummy really shines. We liked the unusual Tart Cherry of their last gummy, but it was a little bit of an acquired taste. This, however, is a straight up home run crowd pleaser. The overall flavor is a rich and ripe raspberry, so juicy and delectable it puts other raspberry flavors to shame.

We think it’s because you get the additional flavor component of the Elderberry and that just takes the rich, ripe, juiciness to another level.

Final Thoughts

These are delicious. And HUM is one of our most trusted brands. We are loyal customers and always will be.

But honestly, we do wish these were a little more interesting, or had just one surprise ingredient that made this really stand out over the GTFO or something like Megafood’s Immunity Gummy.

We think of HUM as a brand that throws in something unusual and genuinely awesome (like Amla in their Glow Sweet Glow or Fo-Ti in their Hair Sweet Hair). This one feels a little immunity-by-numbers.

On the flip side, why mess with success? Which is what we assume HUM was thinking when they put this gummy together.

And in that respect, it’s a solid addition to their line-up and it’s tasty enough to be worth putting some in your gummy arsenal.


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